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FL-Islandora Guide

A guide for FL-Islandora users.

St. Petersburg College

Institution:  St. Petersburg College 

Contact:  Marina Coelho

Production site created: Feb. 22, 2016 URL: 

Total number of titles/objects as of 4/28/2021: 185 

Total number of files as of 4/28/2021: 199




  • The Wooden Horse was published by students at St. Petersburg Junior College beginning in 1929. More information on the publication can be found in the first issue. Publication was at times irregular. Digitization of this collection was made possible by a grant for scanning provided by SPC Foundation, Inc 

Noteworthy features of this site: 

  1. SPC’s site, while one of the smaller schools has quite a collection  

  • Digital Library is a rich history of the college