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FL-Islandora Guide

A guide for FL-Islandora users.

FL-Islandora Test Site

FL-Islandora has a test server that can be used for testing and training. It consists of a general test/training FL-Islandora site, available at, as well as test instances for each institution. The URLs for the institutional test instances use the following pattern: http://your institution The test sites can be used by library staff for training and for test purposes, such as trying out new features or testing content loads.

There are generic user accounts set up in the general test/training instance that anyone can use to logon. These are:

  • Susan Submitter (with submitter privileges)
  • Eddie Editor (with editor privileges)
  • Sal Supervisor (with supervisor privileges)
  • Connie Colladmin (with collection manager privileges)
  • Annie Admin (with site administrator privileges)

To get the passwords to these accounts, contact help@flvc.orgNOTE: The general test/training instance at is used by FLVC/Florida Library Services staff as a “staging area” for changes to Islandora code or configurations before they are moved to the production instance.