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FL-Islandora Guide: Home

A guide for FL-Islandora users.


FL-Islandora is an instance of Islandora provided by the FLVC Library Services  for the benefit of libraries of the State University and Florida College Systems.  A digital library platform, Florida Islandora (FL-Islandora), enables users to create digital collections and make them accessible to the public.  FL-Islandora sites are available free of charge (one per institution) to public universities and community colleges in Florida.  If you would like a FL-Islandora site for your institution, contact to request more information. 

Islandora is an open source digital library system that builds on other open source systems to provide a repository, ingest mechanisms, display interface and other features for exposing and managing digital content. Some of the applications used by Islandora include Drupal (a content management system used for many websites), Fedora (a general purpose digital repository system), SOLR/Lucene (a search server), Mulgara (an RDF triple store manager) and MySQL (a relational database manager). See About Islandora for more information.

In FL-Islandora production there is one instance of the Fedora repository, one instance of Drupal, and one instance of Islandora. FL-Islandora makes use of Drupal’s multi-site capability to provide individual websites to each participating institution.  Each site has its own title (e.g. “Florida State University Digital Library”) and customization of the Drupal theme used for web display.

Each site has its own URL in the pattern:

  • [institution-code]



The institution code or namespace is assigned by Florida Library Services at the time of setup and each institutional site has only one (e.g., the Florida State University Digital Library has the namespace “fsu”).