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FL-Islandora Guide

A guide for FL-Islandora users.

Introduction to PALMM

This document is intended to be a guide to creating and populating Publication of Archival, Library and Museum Materials (PALMM) collections in Fl-Islandora.

The FL-Islandora PALMM production site is at
The test equivalent is

The FL-Islandora PALMM site consists of PALMM branding/design and PALMM collections with which content objects created on institutional FL-Islandora sites have been shared. PALMM collection objects on the FL-Islandora PALMM site are created and maintained by FLVC Library Services staff. Institutional staff have the ability to share content objects with the FL-Islandora PALMM site, but those content objects are maintained on the institutional FL-Islandora site. The FL-Islandora PALMM site can be considered a "view only" Islandora site with no content objects of its own.

  • Specific collections on the PALMM site are created and modified by FLVC Library Services staff.
  • Content Objects are created on individual institution's Islandora site. All content objects viewable on the FL-Islandora PALMM site must be created in, and owned by, Florida institutional sites. Neither datastreams nor metadata for content objects should be created or updated directly on the PALMM site.
  • Content objects are included in the PALMM site by being shared with a collection on the PALMM site.


Share Objects with PALMM

Content objects created through the user interface online ingest or batch import (zip file importer) process should first be ingested into an appropriate collection in an institutional site. Then, working in the institutional site, the operator should share the objects with a pre-existing PALMM collection using the collection management function “Share members of this collection”.

NOTE: If you have added new members to an institutional collection whose existing members have been shared with a PALMM collection, you can simply "Share all Objects" with the PALMM collection. This operation does not cause re-indexing of objects that have already been shared.

Share During Offline Batch Ingest

Objects created through the offline batch ingest process should specify both institutional collections (one or more) and PALMM collections (one or more) in the manifest. The offline batch ingest process will ingest the objects into the institutional collection(s) and automatically share them with the PALMM collection(s).

Reomve Objects in PALMM

Under ordinary circumstances objects are not removed from a PALMM collection while at the same being retained in an institutional collection. However, should this operation be necessary please contact with the Islandora PIDs of the objects to be removed and the PALMM PIDs of the collections from which they should be removed.

Permanently removing/deleting content objects from and institutional site and the PALMM site

Objects that are shared among two or more collections must be deleted individually from the individual object's "Properties" tab. Simply deleting member objects from an institutional collection will not delete the object from a PALMM collection. The "Delete members of this collection" function, in cases where members are shared with another collection, will only delete those members from the collection with which you are working.  To permanently delete a content object that has been shared with a PALMM collection from your institutional site:
  • From an individual content object, click "Manage" and click "Properties",
  • then click "Permanently remove (object title) from repository".