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Guide for the open and affordable learning community of Florida, OPEN FL.

Discover and explore select collections of Open Educational Resources (OER) through the Florida Open Academic Library:




If you don't find a title of interest here continue exploring below.

Here you will find a variety of topics and subject matter covered in open educational resources (OER).  Please note that new content is being placed into the open everyday. Online collections of textbooks and educational materials are available to Sunshine State students and faculty for free! Find free, open textbooks for a range of courses from Algebra to English Composition to Precalculus to Oceanography to Zoology. Some colleges and universities also provide free textbooks and content to their students directly through the learning management system.  These state and national repositories are filled with open educational resources for you to discover and explore. 


Florida Open Academic Library (FOAL)
FL Guides and Resources


HBCU Affordable Learning Community Portal


BC Campus Open Ed Collection 
Mason OER Metafinder 
OER Commons 
Open Textbook Library 
Open Course Library 
Saylor Academy 
OpenTextbookStore (Math Only) 
Creative Commons Search 
Project Gutenberg 
University Presses and Library Publishing
MIT OpenCourseware 
PhET Interactive Simulations project at the University of Colorado Boulder 
National Science Digital Library 
Pressbooks Directory 
Teaching Commons 
Jstor Open Community Collections 
Skills Commons 


OER from Florida

The following are just a couple of examples of what an open textbook may look like that were developed by Florida faculty:


Florida Open Academic Library (FOAL)

The Florida Open Academic Library (FOAL),, provides an online portal to Florida’s treasure of digital archives and collections housed at public colleges and universities, discovery of over 1.25 million digital collections and archives across the state.  Over 150 repository sites searched in one location.

  • Provides high-quality, affordable, and collaborative resources and services for Florida public postsecondary institutions that enhance learning, teaching, and research through facilitated access to a user-centric, open access treasury of unique cultural heritage materials, education resources, textbooks, scholarly communications, and original research.
  • Over 750 Open Educational Resources identified by the statewide Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) icon through the Florida Open Academic Library

Canvas Course Shells

Faculty looking for Canvas Course Shells, in select subjects, please log-in to Canvas.  Go to Canvas Commons in sidebar and search: CCC, OEI, OpenStax, OER.  Note:  your administrator must have Canvas Commons turned on for faculty to access.

PressBooks Directory

There area few active institutions in Florida using PressBooks.  You can find Florida institution created content indexed on the PressBooks Directory.

Additional Content Resources