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OPEN FL: Open Education Network

Guide for the open and affordable learning community of Florida, OPEN FL.

Open Education Network

Consortia Member Benefits (

  • Open Pedagogy Portal access
  • Affiliates can add content and reviews to the Open Textbook Library
  • Limited access to OTN Resources (Contact to arrange access to specific items)
  • Ongoing Faculty workshop support (including collecting useful data points to demonstrate impact of these workshops)
  • Eligible for one statewide Pressbooks sandbox for exploration of this tool
  • Pressbooks discount for affiliates
  • Add the OTN Badge, above, to institution's sites to demonstrate your connection to international support of OER
  • Provide input on community
  • Professional and Leadership Development
    • Ongoing, affiliates are eligible to participate in future Summer Institutes and Summits.
    • Webinars and events
    • OEN Meet-ups @ conferences 
    • Certification opportunities (i.e. OER Librarianship)

Open Textbook Network

General Email

Open Education Network
Center for Open Education
University of Minnesota
330 Wulling Hall
86 Pleasant Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN


Florida Contact

Rebel Cummings-Sauls, Director of Digital Services and OER 

The OTN’s train-the-trainer workshop will increase participants’ familiarity with the nuances related to the issues around open textbook adoption; strengthen presentation capacity for future open textbook workshops; and enhance open textbook program development.  After completing the OTN Train the Trainer education, we invite stakeholders to conduct OTN Faculty Workshops across the state of Florida.

Planning OTN Faculty Workshops

Before the Workshop:

  1. Notify the community that you are having a workshop by emailing the Open and Affordable Listserv:  FLVC-OPEN-AFFORDABLE@LISTSERV.FLVC.ORG
  2. ***You will need to subscribe to this list, if you have not already, at:
  3. If possible, attend and shadow another trainer's workshop.
  4. Identify incentives or funds for faculty reviews.
  5. Customize the OTN Faculty Workshop content for local program development.
  6. Invite, market, and recruit faculty for your workshops.  You may use OTN templates for workshop recruitment including faculty recruitment email templates, an application template, a recruitment strategy document, and recruitment tips.

During the Workshop:

  1. Record the number of attendees.
  2. Document lessons learned.

After the Workshop:

  1. Report out to the Open and Affordable Listserv, FLVC-OPEN-AFFORDABLE@LISTSERV.FLVC.ORG, about your workshop.  Please be sure to include the number of attendees.
  2. Send names and emails of participating faculty to Rebel Cummings-Sauls at  OTN will send these faculty personalized links to complete the textbook review and a link for faculty to complete a short follow-up survey. OTN will send the data back to Rebel Cummings-Sauls to share out to each institution. In addition, FL Library Services has developed a recognition letter that can be sent to faculty in appreciation of their review.
  3. Document workshop faculty who adopt, adapt, or create an OER after attending the workshop.  Please note that OTN will request this information bi-annually.