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Guide for the open and affordable learning community of Florida, OPEN FL.

Go Further--Beyond the Three Steps

We invite you to go beyond these steps and continue to advocate for OER and ZTC courses. 

Short Video on Skyrocketing Textbook Costs

The OER Student Advocate Packet

Take 3 Simple Steps...

Save yourself and other students money, while improving equity and engagement in course materials, by being an advocate for open educational resources (OER) and zero textbook cost courses on your campus with these three easy steps!

Social Sharing - Author: Seobility - License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Thank you by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free

1. Share with Friends

2. Discover OER or a ZTC 3. Say Thanks


Introducing the OER Student Advocate Packet

Open Educational Resources or OER, are no cost learning objects, teaching resources (like textbooks you are using) that faculty can use in place of a resource that students have to purchase or rent through the campus bookstore, Amazon, or some other vendor.

OER are free to access, saving students money. 


Student advocacy for open educational resources (OER) and affordable course content is essential, meaningful work that can make huge impacts on OER programs.  This quick, actionable messaging for students can fit into their packed schedules. Florida Virtual Campus (FLVC) Library Services developed this Student Advocate Packet, outlining three steps students can take that day to move their campus communities toward using open and affordable course content. This packet also contains further steps students can take if they have the time. Continue reading here or click on the link below to download a full copy of the OER Student Advocate Packet folder. 

Step 1: Share with Friends (on social media, tell a friend, or post a flyer)


For step 1 students are invited to share the word on OER. Some ideas include:

  • Posting on Social Media - Snap a picture, shoot a quick reel, create a thread, or post to any social media of your liking – 
    • @ someone who you think may help  
    • Include #OPENFL and #OER 
  • Talk about the benefits of OER and Zero Textbook Costs (ZTC) courses for you, fellow students or faculty
  • Print the student flyer and post to a campus board.

Here are some examples of social media shares:

Step 2: Discover OER or a ZTC (zero textbook cost) Course


For step 2 students are encouraged to find an OER for a course they are taking or enroll in a ZTC course next semester.

If you are taking a course this semester or next you may be able to find an OER to supplement your learning goals. 

Looking for classes for next semester? Find a Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Course to add to your schedule.

Step 3: Say Thanks (to those already using or promoting OER)


The last step 3 should be the quickest for students, as they just need to say thank you.

Privately or publicly thank faculty who adopt open textbooks or individuals who support OER and ZTC efforts on your campus. You may also reach out to your Department Heads, Student Body Leadership, and Senior Leadership and let them know you support the use of OER textbooks and encourage them to add more ZTC courses for your degree.

More Information on Student Advocacy

For your convenience. we have pulled additional information together below for OER Student Advocates.