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OPEN FL: Statewide Icon- Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)

Guide for the open and affordable learning community of Florida, OPEN FL.

Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC)

FL Statewide Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Icon

Students throughout the forty public postsecondary institutions were surveyed to gather their input on a preferred zero textbook cost (ZTC) icon.  Students were clearly drawn to: Dark cover book with white text over White Cover with black text, the words zero cost, and the struck through dollar sign.  One of the designs presented to the students was modified slightly based on student feedback to create the statewide icon design shown above.  The Textbook Affordability and OER Steering Committee approved this design and this design was presented to the Members Council on Library Services. 

If you are unable or prefer an alternative to the image above we encourage you to use the ZTC initials instead, similar to the indicator used in FloridaShines.   This may be more suitable for locations with limited space availability.ZTC textbook indicator blue letters on white background

The statewide icon should be used anywhere that students identify textbooks. We encourage you to incorporate the statewide design into your local systems and marketing where possible.  In many cases, existing infrastructure and processes are able to accommodate the changes required for the implementation.  Several systems allow this to be added as a "course attribute." Other options include identifying an unused tag in the system and re-appropriate it for ZTC or adding a finance code.  Ideal places include:

  • Course registration system
  • Course catalog
  • Library catalog
  • Textbook and Bookstore lists
  • Syllabi