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OPEN FL: Connect to the Community

Guide for the open and affordable learning community of Florida, OPEN FL.

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Collaborate with fellow Floridians by joining the listserv.   Who can join?  In short, anyone is welcome:

  • Librarians
  • Instructional Designers 
  • Students, including SGA
  • Faculty 
  • Fiscal Services 
  • Student Services 
  • Accessibility Office 
  • Administration 
  • Bookstore 
  • Registrar
  • Teaching and Learning 
  • Learning Management Services 
  • Retention and Graduate Office 
  • Dual Enrollment; 9-12 High School 
  • Adult Education 
  • You!

OPEN FL is open to anyone who is interested in open and affordable learning in the state of Florida.  The community is provided for individuals who want to:

  • Stay informed on open and affordable learning
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the state
  • Share local processes and practices
  • Showcase adoption, adaption, and creation examples
  • Explore community development opportunities
  • Dialogue on hot topics, trends, and tidbits
  • Develop review standards and approval process for OER

As a community, OPEN FL, is leading the way to a future where every student has quality learning experiences through open educational resources.

What is the Community Working on?

The primary goal of OPEN FL is to provide and promote quality and affordable access to Florida higher education by creating a consortium of Florida colleges and universities to collaborate on developing, implementing, and providing discovery to open educational resources (OER) throughout high impact degree pathways. Secondary, central efforts will 1) facilitate systematic identification and updates of OER, 2) address barriers to adoption, 3) support OER programs and implementation efforts, and 4) lay the foundation for a sustainable OER state network. Coordinating OER efforts across Florida public institutions of higher education enables us to curate, modify, develop, review, and disseminate OER that meet quality, accessibility, licensing, technical, and student learning outcomes (SLO) in a unified structure that allows for inclusion and growth. The sustainable goal will be to create an OER community and infrastructure that perpetuates OER development, proliferation, and research through the state.

Accomplishments by the community:

  • Over 800 Open Educational Resources identified by the statewide Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) icon through the Florida Open Academic Library

  • Approximately 100 Open Education Network trained trainers for the Faculty Workshop across the state
  • Statewide Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) icon
    • Included in state catalog Florida Shines; highlight your ZTC courses today!
    • State legislation includes ZTC in local system with student access
  • Shared State strategies and resources, within this guide
  • Developed FL Copyright Guide
  • Hosted many presentations and events, including annual OER Summit and Fall/Spring webinars. 
  • Defined open as a spectrum
  • Developed the OER Review Standards and Approval Rubric: United States Edition

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