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Discovery/Primo VE Resource Guide

This Libguide contains documentation, training, and configuration information on FLVC's PrimoVE Discovery tool.


The National Information Standards Organization mission is to build knowledge, foster discussion, and advance authoritative standards development through collaboration among the cultural, scholarly, scientific, and professional communities.

About NISO's Open Discovery Initiative:

"Discovery-to-delivery pathways can break down when metadata and entitlements are not properly understood, transferred among vendors, or available at all. Help ensure that all three participants in this chain (the library, the content provider, and the discovery provider) could enjoy mutual transparency into what metadata elements are provided and used for discovery throughout the process. The degree to which transparency exists can be measured through the conformance statements made available by content providers and discovery service providers. One of the goals of the ODI is to foster consistent practices in the exchange and formats of data in order to lower the level of complexity as content flows through this ecosystem."


See ODI Checklists for FLVC and Ex Libris below.