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Guide for the open and affordable learning community of Florida, OPEN FL.

Resources and Tools Geared For OER Teams or Committees

OER Program - Creating or Adopting

Projecting Activity One

Answer individually or as a group and then discuss as a team. 

  1. How will the selected projects of this cycle impact the program? Institution?
  2. How will the selected participants be impacted by the process?
  3. What effect could this have on students in selected courses? Courses not selected?
  4. How may the selected projects support the larger Open Education Community?
  5. Even if participants may know about the program,  how can we actively engage them in this process?

Application Followup Interview

Post application and pre decisions it may be helpful for the team to conduct application follow-up interviews with each applicant. 

Purpose:  Fully develop and understand each application.


  • Identify information from the application that was not clear in the submitted written portion. 
  • Identify criteria or critical components that were not included or thoroughly indicated. 
  • Identify potential challenges if project selected. 
  • Identify positive impact project is expected to provide 

Post Interview 

  • Identify information learned in the Interview that wasn't included in the original application. 
  • Identify if possible challenges faced by applicant makes project success improbable. 
  • Document the probability of success if project is selected. 
  • Reflect on project support needs and who on campus could aid the applicant in project implementation. 
  • Provide examples of the impact the project will have on students, University,  and OER Community. 

Application and Program Reflection

Process Reflection Activity One

Framing Question:  What will make the process better for participants?

  1. Identify pain points in the process. 
  2. Identify unclear language or directions in the application or documentation. 
  3. Identify challenges faced by applicants in the process. 
  4. Document timeline barriers. 
  5. Assess promotional campaigns and culture awareness for weakness.
  6. Celebrate individuals who had positive impact.

As a team it is good to ask on the completion of each cycle-

  • Does the application include any language or word that may be confusing, misleading, or misunderstood by applicants?
  • What information was missing from an application that hindered or caused confusion with the team decision?
  • How can application interviews or reviews be improved?
  • How can we increase visibility and credibility with the next cycle?
  • How can the post application process be improved?
  • How can the team ensure you have or continue diverse participation and inclusive practices?
  • What changes are needed in the timeframe of the process?  What  are important dates to consider each year?
  • If you could add or modify one thing in the process what would you choose?

Created off OER Team Reflection:  Cycle Review  Version 7_17_2018 CCBY University of Arkansas Libraries