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Alma Fulfillment Resource Guide

This guide covers all aspects of the fulfillment process. This includes maintaining all patron records, loaning materials, returning/renewing loaned materials, managing lost items dealing with fines and fees as well as course reserves.

Cleaning Up Courses

Cleaning up Course Reserves

Removing Personal Copies

When it is time to permanently remove an instructor's personal copy from course reserves you will need to withdraw the item - to remove the record from Alma - and then delete the citation if the title is no longer on reserves (there are no library copies).

To withdraw the item:

  1. Perform a "Physical Item" repository search using the title or the barcode
  2. Click the ellipses next to the title of the item being withdrawn
  3. Click Withdraw from the ellipses of the item being withdrawn
  4. Click Confirm when the Confirmation Messages appears asking if you want to withdraw the item
    NOTE: If this is not the last item on the holdings record you are done
  5. If this is the last item for the holding record a pop-up will appear asking "The last item of this holdings record was deleted or moved. What do you want to do with the holdings record?" select “Delete Bibliographic Record (unless other holdings present)” 
  6. Click Go

To delete the citation:

If the instructor's personal copy was the only item attached to a citation record you should delete the citation.  Deleting a citation will remove it from all Reading Lists.

Empty Citation

Citation with no items attached

  1. Click on Fulfillment --> Citations
  2. Search for the citation 
  3. Click the ellipse and choose Remove then click confirm