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Alma Fulfillment Resource Guide

This guide covers all aspects of the fulfillment process. This includes maintaining all patron records, loaning materials, returning/renewing loaned materials, managing lost items dealing with fines and fees as well as course reserves.

User Cash Transactions

User Cash Transactions

This dashboard will allow you to find all fines and fees created by date as well as all cash transactions created by date depending on which link you follow. The cash transaction date refers to when a fine or fee was paid, waived or sent to the bursar. You can also filter the report by owning library and fine/fee type.

Important Note: For institutions that export their cash transactions to a bursar, closed fines and fees were not migrated to Alma so those transactions before 7/13/2021 will not show up in these reports. 

To find this report:

  1. Open Analytics
  2. Click Catalog at the top right of the page
  3. In the Folders box on the left open Shared Folders
  4. Open the folder labeled with your institution's name and code (i.e. Institution Name 01FALSC_XXX)
  5. Click on the Dashboard folder - there may be two, if there is choose the second one
  6. You will see the User Cash Transactions Dashboard listed on the right - click Open to use the dashboard

Alternatively, you can contact the help desk to have the dashboard made available to staff in Alma by clicking Analytics --> and looking under Reports. Reports accessed this way are made available by role so you will need to let us know which role/roles you want to be be able to access it.  For example, you may only want staff members with the "Circulation Desk Manager" role to be able to see this dashboard or you may want to also allow staff members with the "Circulation Desk Operator". 

Below is what the form look like. You should select:

  1. Click either the Fines and Fees or Transactions link at the top
  2. An Owning Library - it is possible to select All
  3. Fine Fee Type - it is possible to select All
  4. A to and from date
  5. Click OK

The report will have ten columns:

  1. Primary Identifier
  2. Patron Name
  3. Owning Library Name
  4. Fine Fee Status
  5. Transaction Date - this is often empty in the Fine and Fee Report unless the fine/fee was paid/waived/sent to the bursar
  6. Fine Fee Status - Open or Closed
  7. Transaction Date - date the fine/fee was paid/waived/sent to the bursar
  8. Original Amount - the original fine/fee
  9. Transaction Amount - may be different from original if the fine/fee was partially waived
  10. Fine Fee Creation Date - date fine/fee was accrued
  11. Fine Fee Type
  12. Fine Fee Transaction Type

If you scroll to the bottom of the report you can click the little blue up/down arrow to view more rows if your report is longer than 500 rows.  You can also click Return to return to the form. Click Export to export the report to your choice of formats.