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Alma Acquisitions Resource Guide

This guide covers all aspects of the Acquisitions process, which includes setting up funds, ordering, receiving physical items, activating e-resources, and invoicing. This guide also covers Serials patterns and arrival/check-in.

Deleting/withdrawing continuation item linked to a PO line in Alma

Deleting/Withdrawing a Continuation Item Linked to a PO Line in Alma


For serials & non-monographic standing order non-monographs, if there is a PO line linked to the item’s holdings, the PO line has to be unlinked before the item can be deleted/withdrawn 

See Adding and Removing PO Line Links to Items and Holdings (Harvard wiki):

To do this:

  1. From the physical item editor, open the list of holdings.

        2. From the list of holdings, choose the one that you want to disassociate from the POL.


        3. Click the row action item list icon for the holdings (...) from which you want to unlink the POL & choose Associate a PO Line.

        4. When the box appears for Please Select a PO Line, the POL that you do not want to be associated with the holdings will show up (copy the POL number to re-link later)

        5.  Click the X to clear the POL from the box (the box will be empty after you do that), then click “Update”:


        6. The item can be now be withdrawn/deleted.

       7. Once the item(s) has been deleted, re-associate the PO line with the holdings.

       8. Click on View all holdings in the Item record header section.

       9. From the list of holdings, click the row action item list icon to the right of your holding.

       10. Select Associate a PO Line.

       11. Find your POL and click Update. This will link the holding and associated items to the POL.