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Digital Initiatives Standing Committee (DISC)

This guide is designed for and to provide information on the Digital Initiatives Standing Committee, a part of FLVC's Members Council for Library Services..

Initial call for members and charge

The DISC Digital Preservation Working Group was formed in March 2019.  The following is the initial call for members, charge, and initial membership list:


Standing meeting:  The second Tuesday of every month, 1-2pm


The Digital Preservation Working Group will:

  • survey the digital preservation needs of member institutions
  • identify digital preservation best practices
  • develop lists of required and preferred criteria in a digital preservation platform
  • provide recommendations to DISC regarding findings from the above tasks


  • To produce a guide with specific criteria required in a digital preservation platform, reviewed on an annual or biannual basis.
  • To produce and maintain a list of available digital preservation systems.
  • To produce a best practices document for different levels and types of digital preservation that is platform agnostic, reviewed on an annual or biannual basis.
  • To actively maintain the Digital Preservation Resource Guide.

Timeline: To be determined by the working group


  • Rebel Cummings-Sauls, FLVC liasion
  • Lee Dotson, UCF, 2019 chair
  • Krystal Thomas, FSU. 2020 chair
  • Dean DeBolt, UWF
  • David Russell, Gulf Coast State College
  • Fletcher Durant, Smathers Libraries, UF
  • Chris Levesque, Pensacola State College
  • Kelley Rowan, FIU, 2020 chair
  • Courtenay McLeland, UNF

Working documents (access currently limited to Working Group):

Agenda & Minutes 2020

New leader?  - Kelley and Krystal will support each other

1. Deadline to complete additions to the spreadsheet. Each member should select 1 or 2 preservation/storage systems from the group spreadsheet and fill out content.   
  • Make a note in groups column if you tried to find information and could not. Finish by next meeting and share with DISC proper and how to disseminate out. 
  • Dave from FGCU - EBSCO wants to know if we want a demo with the one he’s been working on because it’s such a flexible system. 
    • We don’t have a set of scenarios or sample data to share with vendors - sample packet should be maintained by the group? Next meeting agenda item. 
  • Dean will look at Rosetta and LibSafe
2. Determine next steps for sharing (starting with DISC) and future dissemination options.
  • Everyone share what we expect a system will do and what we hope a system will do for us? 
    • Re-visit the Criteria for Preservation Systems tab - flesh that out for scenarios and get a better well-rounded idea of what we consider a good digital preservation system.   Next meeting agenda item.

3. Update from Rebel: added information about PURL to the Digital Services page, Preservation page refresh and a link to the Archives Florida site was also added to the FALSC page. 

[Note: Agenda carried forward from February and March as those meetings were canceled]

Agenda Items:

1. How are we all doing?

2. Spreadsheet:

  • Are we comfortable to share the tab, List of Preservation Systems with DISC for feedback and advice on how to share this work?

3. Revisit the Criteria for Preservation Systems tab on the spreadsheet

  • Need arose earlier this year for a list of scenarios and sample data to have when talking with vendors. This led us back to a need to visit this tab, flesh out the scenarios and tasks people expect to be able to do within a digital preservation system
  • A need and want distinction?

4. This group's involvement with the digital platform review process

Agenda Items:

  1. Preservation Systems feedback from DISC (Krystal; Kelley to lead)
    1. DISC was impressed with our work on this spreadsheet. They liked how thorough it was and how it was easy to compare systems
    2. Once we have this finished link on the LibGuide, we should share it out to any listservs we think will find it useful
      1. What Listservs? 
    3. We need a maintenance schedule for this list to avoid it becoming out of date - how often should we revisit?
  2. Discussion: Specific Criteria for Preservation Systems

No meeting held this month.

Agenda - 7/21/20

  1. Preservation Systems Comparisons Spreadsheet
    1. Created a new (clean) spreadsheet with only the tab for the Comparisons to share out widely. The maintenance schedule for the spreadsheet was outlined the last meeting. Added to the new spreadsheet - thanks to the group for getting that together!
    2. Clean Spreadsheet link for sharing outside DISC:
    3. Last meeting, discussed how to share out the Preservation Systems spreadsheet but I don't think any action was taken (?). Volunteers to share the spreadsheet in the following locations:
      1. FLVC-all 
      2. ScholComm
      3. ALA (digipres)
      4. SAA (preservation group)
      5. ALCTS Preservation Administrators Discussion Group (PADG)
      6. DPLA - SSDN as a start?
      7. Digital Commons list
      8. DLF (which group?)
  2. Specific Criteria for Preservation Systems
    1. tab on the working spreadsheet:
    2. We'd discussed last meeting adding information to this tab with initials but doesn't look like that work occurred. Do we still think that is useful?
  3. Future of this sub-committee


Agenda - 8/18/20

  1. Review of Feedback received about the Preservation Systems Comparison
  2. Review of tabs on the working spreadsheet, - group members should share what they added/discovered/recommend for these tabs
    1. Specific Criteria for Preservation Systems tab
    2. Criteria Examples tab

Agenda for September 15, 2020

  1. Preservation Systems Comparison work
    1. Review of the new organization to help delineate out the different types of systems noted on the sheet
      1. Link to public version:
    2. Review of Feedback received on the spreadsheet - listed on the working document tab named Feedback
    3. Language for a disclaimer on the work
      1. Draft document:
  2. Specific Criteria for Preservation Systems tab in working document:
    1. Discussion of notes added in Column E


  1. Preservation Systems Comparison work
    1. No comments on the Disclaimer text so took silence as a thumbs up and added to the Public version
      1. Link to public version:
    2. Review of Feedback received on the spreadsheet - listed on the working document tab named Feedback
  2. Specific Criteria for Preservation Systems tab in working document:
    1. Discussion of notes added in Column E
  3. Call for 2021 chair(s)

Agenda for Tuesday, November 17, 2020

  1. Next steps regarding Specific Criteria for Preservation Systems tab in working document:
  2. Potential hiatus for this group
    1. DISC members will need to focus on migration in the coming year
    2. Participation in this group is low/uneven
    3. Chair for next year will be needed if group elects to keep going

Next meeting will be Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 1pm

Agenda for December 15, 2020

  1. Confirm that all open assignments with cleaning up the public spreadsheet for systems are completed
  2. Length of group hiatus and who plans to re-convene the group?
  3. Maintenance of public document during hiatus

Agenda & Minutes 2019

DISC Digital Preservation Working Group Agenda and Minutes April 17, 2019
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Review of charge, goals and timeline
  • Select a Working Group lead
  • Determine meeting schedule and action items

DISC Digital Preservation Working Group Agenda May 1, 2019, 3pm

Recording of this meeting:

A formal initial meeting of the new DISC Digital Preservation Working Group.

Tentative Agenda:

Join Webex Meeting


Meeting number (access code): 805 863 420  

Join from a video system or application
You can also dial and enter your meeting number.  
Join by phone 
+1-240-454-0887 United States Toll (San Jose) 
+1-240-454-0887 United States Toll (San Jose) 

The action item from the last meeting was for each group member to prepare a paragraph or two describing his or her institution’s current preservation needs. These will be reviewed at tomorrow’s meeting. You may send ahead of time or bring them to the meeting.


  • Review member institution’s current preservation needs.
  • Discuss next steps – prioritize goals

Here are the Action/Agenda Items for tomorrow’s (July 16) Meeting:

• The next focus of the group’s work will be the Working Group’s first goal: “To produce a guide with specific criteria required in a digital preservation platform, reviewed on an annual or biannual basis”.

• Members were asked to thing about this goal and to jot down ideas. The group’s internal Google spreadsheet now includes a tab for this purpose: /edit#gid=1989084886


If you have additional discussion items, feel free to suggest.

Homework for this meeting:

Meetings notes:

  • Last meeting of this year
  • Krystal will be the notetaker for this meeting
  • Need a new coordinator for the group in 2020 - volunteers?
    • Rebel: example from metadata group - people weren’t as strong in metadata so just didn’t want to take leadership but to lead the group you don’t need to be an expert - we just need someone to lead the group!
  • Last meeting - asked everyone to pick two on spreadsheet to finish it up; some did get done, others are still open so some prodding need to be done
    • Also, not always easy to find answers so we might want to take some time to talk to people actually using the system
    • Lee agreed; may be a good idea
    • Lee did add a tool to the list and will fill in the information on what she added
    • OK to remove DPN?
      • May move to a different tab to track systems as they close down? Good idea -
    • How are you finding the information for the spreadsheet - websites at this time but may be a good idea to have a disclaimer on the sheet that you should talk to a current user
    • Extend the deadline to finish for the January call
    • Will share with DISC and other FALSC groups for sure; no other plans for dissemination at this time
      • Good idea to share more widely and putting a date on it for the audience
      • Possible to ask for feedback and getting more info from the wider audience 
  • Last meeting action idea - review and add to Criteria tab
    • Anything to add? No, looks through
    • Any need to check against the new version of the NSDA Levels of Digital Preservation?
      • Per Fletcher, the changes are mostly language - the content and intent are fairly similar between the versions
    • Using the gathered criteria we have as a baseline with NDSA as well seems like a good standard to move forward with.
  • Goals
    • Finish list of Preservation Systems and have ready for January meeting
    • Discuss how to share and get feedback 
  • Vendor updates for DP option in state
    • Rebel: Move forward with discussions with Preservica and did get information back from them about estimates for third party contract to the members who had interest. Has been delivered to those members and waiting for feedback and next steps on that to move forward in the new year. 
      • Will need to move forward by March however due to requirements of the estimates received from Preservica
      • Due to timing, most discussions at institutions will happen in the new year
  • Lee will email out about the action items for January and email if you are interested in the Coordinator position for the group