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Digital Initiatives Standing Committee (DISC)

This guide is designed for and to provide information on the Digital Initiatives Standing Committee.

Timeline Review

Please review and make suggestions for the platform timeline:

Completed Steps

  • Identify and Collect all needs and requirements for content/platform. 

    • Completed through literature review, research, and internal/external observations or interviews

      • DS+OER unit, FLVC Leadership, DISC, TAOER, MCLS, DS+OER products/services user, FLVC members, national listservs/consortia, scholarly communities and articles, etc.

    • Over 500 potential features or enhancements identified for a DAMS; previously shared with DISC upon their request.

  • Gather a list of available content and asset management systems. 

    • Completed through literature review, research, and internal/external stakeholder input

    • Over 125 platforms or possible options gathered for consideration; previously shared with DISC upon their request.

      • Viable open source options identified.

  • Compare needs and requirements against stated system features. 

    • Preliminary Internal Review.

    • Deans/Directors Platform Survey.

    • Member Needs and Wants Platform Survey.

  • Continued Member Input and Decisions. 
    • Subgroups Started and Two Activities Completed.

      • DAMS Definitions and Vision gathered from first two activities.

    • Provided members a snapshot of the completed process and information collected from members.

    • Encourage members to decide on the model of future digital services platform(s).

    • Provided members a short list of open source products to consider for a digital services platform.
  • Final recommendation