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UBorrow Frequently Asked Questions

UBorrow FAQs

UBorrow Frequently Asked Questions


What is UBorrow?

UBorrow is a service offered by Florida’s public state university and college system libraries. It allows eligible patrons to borrow materials directly from any participating library when the materials are not available at the patron’s home library.

Who is Eligible for UBorrow?

All currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff with active accounts and who are in good standing at their home library are eligible to use UBorrow. Authentication for use of UBorrow is processed through the patron’s home library. Retired faculty and staff and special university and college affiliates should check with their home library to determine if they are eligible to use this service.

What is the UBorrow Catalog?

The UBorrow Catalog shows the holdings of all the libraries within the state university and college systems. This catalog contains approximately 16 million items.

Is Everything Available for UBorrow?

No. Only items available for regular loan at each of the Florida’s state university and college system’s 40 member institutions are available for UBorrow.

Why Do Ebooks Have a UBorrow button?

Some Ebooks listed in the catalog may be electronically available to only one institution. The UBorrow button will allow you to request a print copy.

Can I Use UBorrow From My Home Computer?

Yes, you can access UBorrow anywhere simply by logging in to your home library’s catalog.

How Will I Know When My UBorrow Book Is Ready For Me to Pick Up?

You will receive an automated email notifying you when your UBorrow book is ready for you to pick up. The email will also confirm the pickup location of your requested item.

What If I Don’t Get an Email Notice?

Contact your home library to update your email address.

How Many Books Can I Borrow Through UBorrow?

UBorrow allows 100 active requests at any time. Checkout of UBorrow items will be governed by your library’s circulation policies.

What Are the loan Periods for UBorrow?

An eligible item may be borrowed for 90 days.

How Many Times Can I Renew a UBorrow Book?

Materials borrowed through UBorrow may be renewed once for an additional 30 days if not needed by another patron. In addition, patrons may only place a renewal request within one week of the due date.

Can I See My Account?

Yes. All of the books you have checked out, the books that you’ve requested, and the due dates for your home library and for all UBorrow requests may be viewed online by logging into your account. This allows you to monitor all of your obligations to all participating libraries at any time. You are responsible to return all materials by given due dates. Log in to see your account.

How Long Do I Have to Pick Up My Book Once It Has Arrived?

Every library is different. Check with your home library to see how long they keep your holds on the shelf before returning them to the loaning libraries.

Where Should I Return My UBorrow Books?

UBorrow materials should be returned at the library from where they were picked up. For further information contact your home library.

What Happens If I Don’t Return My UBorrow Books on Time?

Overdue fines will be charged and collected by your home library.

What Happens If I Lose My UBorrow Books?

Lost item fees will be charged and collected by your home library.

How Can I Pay My Fees?

You can pay your overdue fines or lost item fees in the same way that you currently pay your library obligations. For further information contact your home library.

What Happens If the Book I Want is Not Available Anywhere in the State?

When other copies within the state university and college system are unavailable, the UBorrow request may be forwarded to your home library’s interlibrary loan service.

Why did I Get an Email Directing Me to Interlibrary Loan?

The book that you requested was not available at any of the UBorrow libraries at this time. If you still require a copy of this title, you may be able to get a loan of the title from libraries outside of the UBorrow system through your library’s interlibrary loan service.

What Happens If One of My UBorrow Books Gets Recalled?

Recalls require patrons to return materials within 7 days of receiving the recall notice. Materials must be checked out to a patron at least 7 days before they are subject to recall.

Can I Borrow Two Copies of This Book at One Time?

UBorrow will allow only one request per title at a time to be loaned to a patron.

Can My Friend Check Out My UBorrow Book After Me?

UBorrow loans cannot be transferred to any other person.

I Accidentally Cancelled My Request, How Can I Undo This?

Submit another request.