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Florida Online Journals (OJ)

Scholarly Journal Publishing: Florida Online Journals (Florida OJ) is a service for publishing journal content. The software allows for a variety of publishing workflows including prospective authors uploading material, anonymous reviews, and publishing


What version of OJS are you using?

As of June 2023, FLVC has upgraded the Open Journal Systems (OJS) software powering Florida Online Journals to version  This software is a minor version release and adds additional features for our journal editors.  The interface is also slightly different for logged in users.

How do I log into ?

From the homepage, click to "Log In" in the top right corner.  The site was copied from in July 2021.  All user logins from that date will work.  If you were brought onboard more recently, then please email with "Florida OJ" in the subject line for a password reset.

* Note * Email is disabled on . If you forget your password, you need to email to for a password reset.

How can I change the look, feel, and colors of my journal layout?

Please refer to the Quickstart Guide for OJS 3 section Colors and Layout.

I am a journal manager.  How can I pull a list of all editors, reviewers, authors on my journal in order to send updated instructions?

In OJS 3:

  1. Log in to the journal.
  2. On the left hand side of the screen, click to "Tools" then "Import/Export".
  3. Click to "Users XML Plugin".
  4. Click to "Export Users".  You can also search users and use the drop down menu to search by role, in order to get just authors, just reviewers, etc.
  5. Click to "Export All Users".
  6. Open with Microsoft Excel and grab the "ns2:email" column.

I am getting a lot of automatic emails from a journal.  How can I make it stop?

Depending on the notification, you may or may not be able to disable it from each user account.  Some cannot be disabled, and will require each person to add a filter from in their email account's settings.  OJS 3 sends an email from 3 places:

  1. If the journal is configured to send a notification email to a specific list of people, then the software will do so. 
    To check this setting, have a Journal Manager on your journal do the following:  Log in to Florida OJ, click to your journal's logged in view, click to "Settings" "Workflow" then check settings under the heading "Notification of Author Submission".
  2. Notification that a new article has been uploaded. 
    To turn this off:  Log into Florida OJ, click to your journal's logged in view, in the top right corner mouse over your username and click "View Profile", click to the "Notifications" tab, under the heading "A new article, "Title," has been submitted." check the box for "Do not send me an email for these types of notifications."
  3. Notification that a new article has been uploaded and needs an editor assigned. 
    This will only go out when an editor is not automatically assigned to incoming articles.  There is no way for individuals receiving the email to stop it.  Editors may try going into email account settings and add an email filter to remove emails with the text "A new article has been submitted to which an editor needs to be assigned." in the body of the email. 

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